Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Barn Owls at Rest in a Barn

Mated Barn Owl Pair at Rest, originally uploaded by Jen Joynt.

Prior to this encounter, I had only seen wild Barn Owls in a box and once hunting at night. These Barn Owls were in a box at the same park where I often see Burrowing Owls in the winter.
Two barn owls
I think they are very pretty owls, with their heart-shaped faces and interesting coloring on their wings. I lucked into this pair of owls, thanks to an East Bay parks employee who showed them to me. For the most part, they did not seem to mind my presence, although in this photo you can see the rear owl look at me curiously with one eye.
Mildly curious Barn Owl pair
The only thing that really got their attention was a bird flying right outside and then into the wall of the barn briefly. I hung around the area after sunset admiring some interesting raptors that had landed in nearby Eucalyptus trees, including this Ferruginous Hawk.
Ferruginous Hawk in the evening
And then, I got to watch one of the owls being its nightly hunt. Barn Owls look interesting when flying, with a very blunt head and long wings and a small body trailing behind.


  1. Beautiful birds! and lovely pictures. I have yet to see barn owls, as I live too far north. Some day though!