Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coyote Nap

Coyote at rest, originally uploaded by Jen Joynt.

I saw this coyote from quite a distance and was initially a little worried. The sleeping pose looked a little too still. But soon, the coyote stirred just enough to look up at me.
Coyote perks up a bit
Then, what I assume was the coyote's mate came by to check on the sleepy one.
Mate(?) comes to check on sleeping coyote
They both rested for a while before moving on to a different location.
Coyote rest and relaxation
In the meantime, another coyote was in the same meadow area and seemed to notice these 2. The third coyote stuck to slightly higher ground and did some hunting. I stayed and watched the third coyote for a while to see if s/he would come over to the other two.
Third coyote blending in
It seemed to me that the third coyote was going to keep to itself. So I packed up and headed on in search of other wildlife.

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