Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A lovely afternoon with a pretty female bobcat

Female bobcat, close-up, originally uploaded by Jen Joynt.

Recently, when I was looking for and not finding any bobcats, a fellow hiker advised me, "They are all around. You just have to be lucky." Well, a week later, I got very lucky.

When I first arrived at Tennessee Valley, I spotted two bobcats on the hillside right by the paved path that leads from the parking lot. As I slowly walked by the hill and scanned, I did not see anything else. But I noticed a woman looking intently at the hill. She had seen three bobcats. Perhaps a mother and 2 cubs? I never did see them again.

I did, though, spot a bobcat high up on another hill. Along with another photographer, I was able to hike up the trail to where the bobcat seemed to be and find her.
Pretty female bobcat
She was a beautiful bobcat, who allowed us to watch her hunt for a little while, in the last light of the day.
Female bobcat attentive to movements
She would stop to look at us every once in a while, but she was very focused on hunting. I like this brief pause in her focus.
A brief pause
Just before I left, I saw her successfully catch a vole or gopher and eat it. No shots of that, as the light had gone. It was a lovely, lucky afternoon.


  1. Fantastic shots, Jen! what a great encounter!

  2. Excellent encounter! That really is a gorgeous cat.

  3. Nice encounter, you got some nice light for these shots.

  4. I know I am late to the party commenting, but I couldn't help it. Fantastic shots Jen and what a great experience you had that day.