Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Walking with a Wildcat

Walking a wildcat, originally uploaded by Jen Joynt.

When I first saw the bobcat from my previous post, he was walking down a very popular trail. As I watched the cat walk towards me, another couple was following the cat and taking photos as well. In the photos, it almost looks like they are out for a walk. The cat would occasionally look back at the couple as if to see whether they were still coming.

Are you guys coming?
The cat would eventually leave the path and start hunting in the deep grass, successfully catching the fat gopher in my previous post. Then after retreating to the bushes to enjoy his meal, the cat emerged and sunned himself for a little while as I watched.

He eventually started walking right towards me, seemingly unbothered by my presence.
Big paws, skinny body

sad bobcat walk 11054

He got quite close before before turning around. I am not sure if it was the large family group approaching on the main trail, or if he decided that was close enough. In either case, it was a unique experience for me.
Portrait of skinny bobcat


  1. I'm concerned about this guy. He seems to tolerate people too easily and is very skinny. I hope he is OK health-wise.

  2. I was also thinking he might be sick. I'm not worried about some of them tolerating people. It's a really popular place, so there's always people around. There's an interesting article in the current National Geographic, by the way, where genetic researchers selected animals for their tolerance of humans. In nine generations they produced tame foxes.

  3. I just ran into this same cat about an hour ago and I too must agree, very skinny and very tolerant of people. I watched it successfully hunt twice.
    I read the article on the foxes as well, and thought it was very interesting.

  4. Thanks for the tip on the NatGeo article; I just read it. Very interesting.

    I would say that this cat seems more tolerant of people than any other cat I have seen. There are lots of folks down there, though, so we should be able to keep an eye on the cat and see if he starts to look better.