Sunday, December 11, 2011

Late afternoon with a coyote pair

Coyote looks after mate in Tilden
Coyote looks after mate, originally uploaded by Jen Joynt.

I was hiking in Tilden Regional Park recently in hopes of finding one of the elusive bobcats that call the park home. I did not see any bobcats, but while I was scanning the hills around me from Wildcat Peak, I spotted two coyotes in the distance. I confirmed that the two specks were coyotes with my binoculars and then scanned to find the easiest route to get closer to the coyotes.

When I got closer, I did not initially see the coyotes. But then I noticed that one of the coyotes had decided to take a nap.

coyote nap

The mate was off hunting in the fields nearby.

coyote hunt 2011-11-14

coyote hunt2 2011-11-14

The sleeping coyote seemed to have some kind of skin disease (mange, maybe), which I noticed when the coyote stood up and found a new place for a bed.  Notice the scraggly tail and the raw area on the hip.

Coyote finds new bed

The coyote dug at the dirt a bit before curling up for more nap time.  I think in this photo, it is hard to tell whether this is a cat or a coyote.

coyote cat nap

While the coyote was sleeping, a harrier swooped rather close to the coyote on its own hunting mission.  The coyote didn't even stir.

harrier  2011-11-14

Eventually, the mate returned to check on the sleeping one.  As the sun was beginning to set, the mate headed off for some more hunting. And I made my way back down the hills.

coyote exit


  1. I wonder if this is the same pair I keep seeing at Wildcat canyon
    Funnily enough, right before taking the linked shot, I was trying to photograph a harrier, and later discovered the mate to the resting coyote in the background.

  2. I'm sure it could be the same pair. They could definitely cover the distance. Did you happen to notice if the mate looked a bit rough (not much of a tail, raw areas on hip and legs)?