Sunday, July 8, 2012

Surprise on the trail: cute fox kit

cuter 040

On an epic day in Point Reyes, during which I had already covered 10 miles or so in hold-you-hat-windy conditions, I was not quite ready to head for home.  I decided to try one last trail, in hopes that the trees would offer some shelter from the wind.  After a mile or so of climbing, I hit a more open area that someone had mentioned was good for bobcats.  I did not see any cats on this day.  So I headed back into the more sheltered trees and wandered a little ways down a narrow trail, when great luck struck.

I almost did not believe it, an adorable, small gray fox kit was sitting right in the middle of the trail.  I did not want to scare the fox; so I just froze where I was and tried to get the best shots I could through the tall grass and bushes that stood between me and the fox.

cutefox 036

I did not dare move.  But the fox did, and, much to my shock, the fox trotted towards me a few steps.

cutefox 039

cutefox2 038

Finally, it seemed to piece together the potential threat posed by the loud clicking of the camera shutter and the short for a human but enormous for a fox animal watching intently.  The fox gave me one last look, pivoted and darted quickly into thick bushes.

What a treat, though.  And such a cute fox kit.  Compared to other kits I've seen, this one seemed more stocky with such large paws for its little body.  I was so thankful that I decided to give it one more go.  You never know what might be right around the corner.


  1. What a treat! So precious!!

  2. Wow - what a great story! And photographs! He does look like a cutie!

  3. Awesome encounter. Way to stick it out!

  4. Wow, that's fantastic Jen! You never know what's just beyond the next bend...that's why we hit the trails.

  5. the little fox you hit perfect .. very nice series
    greetings Frank