Friday, March 8, 2013

Bold Coyote and the Cow

Coyote focused on grazing cows, originally uploaded by Jen Joynt.

Coyote focused on grazing cows

I recently saw this coyote in an East Bay Regional Park. I was curious to see what the coyote would be about the group of 4 cows that were nearby.

Uncowed, this coyote watched them intensely, considered going around behind them, and instead trotted right in front of the cows on a small path. Now, it was the cows turn to watch the coyote intensely.

Cow focused on coyote

cow coyote2

Once the coyote was about 100 yards beyond the cows, he laid down to rest in the grass for a short while.

coyote rest

When he got up, I assumed he would continue on in the same direction he had been moving. Instead, he headed back towards the cows. This time, the large, black cow shown above was not having any of this. The very large cow charged at the coyote, who then trotted far off and disappeared into a dense area of bushes and trees. 

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  1. Is also difficult for such a small coyote .. because the juicy steak is right under your nose around and he can not do anything sad sad .. ;-))
    greetings Frank