Saturday, January 11, 2014


On a recent hike in Tilden and Wildcat Canyon parks, I was walking down the trail when I noticed a coyote walking towards me on the trail.

As soon as the coyote noticed me on his trail, he set off under a barbed wire fence into a nearby field. I was able to watch the coyote and take a few photos through the fence.

He sat down for a moment and scooted on his behind.

Then he set off into a wooded area. I am not positive, but I wonder if this a coyote I saw a couple of years ago in Tilden ( In 2011, the coyote I saw had a newly raw area on its rear right leg. This coyote I recently saw was not putting weight on his rear right let, which had a raw look about it. You can also notice in the top photo that the coyote is missing part of his left ear. In any case, this coyote struck me as a real survivor. He definitely had the appearance of an animal that had survived more than one battle.

Later, I saw a second healthier looking coyote, who I was hoping was going to hunt some of the turkeys that were further up this hillside. No luck this time, but I know the coyotes hunt the turkeys. So maybe I will get lucky one day.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Unfortunately I don't get to Tilden as often as I'd like. Haven't been there since last spring. I often see coyotes at Mission Peak though. Thanks for sharing!