Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bobcats and Rocks

One interesting thing I've noticed watching a few bobcats is that some of them, at least, seem to like to climb up onto a rock. For a better view, perhaps? Or because it is fun? Maybe just because it is there? I find that I am also drawn to a rock in a landscape.

The photos in this post feature a fairly small rock, but I did see two different cats, a female and a male, both step up onto it. Perhaps, the cats were using this as a marking post. The male is shown in these photos.



  2. I put link up...I thought to link pic of my own of Tukut (Bobcat) on rock, on log, etc....Tukut likes to plant front feet and look about!...but in checking Cahullia Indian origin of Tukut, I found the coin page...very cool!

  3. Delightful! Seems to me that cats, all cats, just need to sit on something. The one rock in the meadow, or your favorite sweater laid out neatly on your bed.